Salvation Army Team Emergency Network (SATERN)

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) volunteers are ham radio operators communicating worldwide to assist in times of disaster… Now celebrating a decade of service in emergency disaster response, SATERN is committed to communicating and caring.

SATERN volunteers meet regularly on city, state, regional, national and international radio networks. The meetings have two purposes: one to provide disaster training and keep volunteers informed about new emergency procedures; and two, to be available at a moments notice to relay messages during local, national and international disasters. When an emergency strikes, SATERN volunteers are at their radios within minutes, helping coordinate disaster services. Often in widespread devastation, such as in Hurricane Andrew, SATERN is the public’s only link to friends and loved ones.

Several NPARC members have become active SATERN members. If you would like more information about SATERN, please visit our contact us page.