Executive Officers and Committee Heads


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Steve Riddle, VA3FLF

president @ nparc.ca


Henry Jarzyna, VA3OV

vice-president @ nparc.ca


April Lewis, VE3BHG

secretary @ nparc.ca


John Lorenc, VA3WM

treasurer @ nparc.ca

Past President

Steve Riddle, VA3FLF

past-president @ nparc.ca




Committee Heads, etc




ARES Emergency Co-ordinator

Henry Jarzyna, VA30V

ares_ec @ nparc.ca

Feedline Editor

Denis Cahill, VA3ONO

feedline @ nparc.ca

Public Relations & Events


public_relations @ nparc.ca

Repeater Chair

John Lorenc, VA3WM

repeaterchair @ nparc.ca

ISED Certification Instructors

Kevin Smith, VA3KGS

Phil Gebhardt, VE3ACK

instructor @ nparc.ca

ISED Examiner

Kevin Smith, VA3KGS

examiner @ nparc.ca

SATERN Contact

David Digweed, VE3FOI

satern @ nparc.ca

Big Event Co-ordinator

Steve Riddle, VA3FLF

bigevent @ nparc.ca

Big Event Vendors

Steve Riddle, VA3FLF

vendors @ nparc.ca

Club Photos

Clayton Mattatall, VE3AUO

photos @ nparc.ca

Club History

Clayton Mattatall, VE3AUO

clubhistory @ nparc.ca


John Lorenc, VA3WM

webmaster @ nparc.ca