Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club Certification Training

Training Classes

The Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club, Inc. offers amateur radio training classes to the public. The course provides instruction about all of the operating regulations and technical knowledge necessary to obtain an Amateur Radio Certificate thereby enabling you to get “on-the-air”.  NPARC has an examiner at their disposal, Kevin Smith (VA3KGS), to administer your exam. Please contact NPARC at instructor @ for more information and upcoming course dates.

Basic classes for beginners typically start in September and end in early December. Classes are dependent on a participation level of at least 5 students.

Included in the course fee of $100 as of July, 2021, (details available from instructor):

Advanced Classes may also be offered, depending on similar minimum student interest as Basic.

Included in the course fee,  set closer to time of course beginning, (details available from instructor):

If you, or anyone you know, would like to take the courses, please contact NPARC at instructor @

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1 – Course fees are non-refundable in whole or in part.
2 – Successful completion of course and a passing mark on exam required.